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HCL Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Notes Traveler)

HCL Notes/Domino 8.5 Forum (includes Notes Traveler)

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Subject: Database open error - database is currently in use by you or another user
Feedback Type: Problem
Product Area: Domino Server
Technical Area: Administration
Platform: Windows
Release: 8.5.2
Reproducible: Always

To anyone who can help - I am getting several HUNDRED of these daily:

Database open error: <path to nsf>: Database is currently in use by you or another user

Things I've tried:
- Restarting HTTP (all our users are web-based)
- Restarting Domino
- Restarting OS
- Disabling backups
- Disabling Antivirus
- 'show users' does not indicate anyone is accessing

Please note:
- No users seem to be disrupted
- No data has been lost
- It seems to be worse in databases with scheduled agents when those scheduled agents kick-off.

The biggest problem is the volume of email I am receiving via the Event Monitor for each occurrence. Sure, I can disable that, but I'd rather solve the problem (assuming there is one).

This just started a few weeks ago, and I don't recall that we did anything specific to the servers in that time. In fact, Just last week I migrated most of our production applications to brand new hardware, and the issue is happening there as well.

I've been doing Notes Administration for 15 years and feel rather inept that I can't get this figured out.

I would appreciate any assistance.


- Shane Sturgeon

Feedback number WEBB8GSQST created by ~Andy Cisponetherakol on 05/12/2011

Status: Open

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